3 American Sporting Saints That Care For Others

America: The Land of the Free and Generous

In today’s day and age, sportsmen and women get paid a lot of money.

If you’re a player of an individual sport, such as golf or tennis, then you can take home huge amounts of money, sometimes just for showing up. Take Wimbledon, for example, which is just firing up over here in the UK. For just getting through the first round of the Singles competition you can take home £35,000. Slog it through 3 rounds and your prize money rises to £90,000. The cash prizes rise exponentially from there on and we’re not even taking into account the massive sponsorship deals that these players can receive as well!

So with all this money flowing through the coffers of professional sportspeople, we thought we’d take a look into who’s considered the most generous of them all. Our Yank correspondent, Marvin, decided to take this one and (surprise, surprise) it looks like they’re all American…

David Robinson

There are many reasons why David Robinson (or ‘The Admiral’, as he’s affectionately known by us Americans) is widely considered to be an American hero. A 10-time NBA All-Star and two time Champion, this Florida born ball-player may have earned the respect of his countrymen through his sterling defence work for the San Antonio Spurs, but it’s his charitable work that he will be most fondly remembered for.

Founding the Carver Academy in 2001, Robinson has donated an unprecedented $11 million to this public charter school, ensuring that thousands of children have been given the kind of start in life that they could have only dreamed of. With an emphasis on providing children with the tools needed to succeed in life, The Admiral has no doubt changed the lives of countless kids who might not have been given a chance otherwise.

Steve Stricker

Although he might not have won a major tournament in his 27-year long career, Mr. September has another feather in his cap which isn’t always talked about. Despite being an extremely busy golf player (racking up 22 professional wins, including 12 victories on the PGA Tour) Steve dedicates a great deal of his time to his very own charity, the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation.

Working to support dozens of charitable causes, educational incentives and other such organisations, the Stricker Foundation is in the business of realising American’s dreams, a notable goal that they’re constantly working towards. Donating over $1 million in it’s first year alone to a number of good causes, it seems like there’s no stopping Steve when it comes to helping out others.

Andy Roddick

Similarly to Stricker, A-Rod might not be considered as one of the most successful players of his sport, but he’s still managed to make a difference when it comes to the lives of thousands of people. The once world number one only won a single Grand Slam title, taking the US Open in 2003 and rising to the top spot in one day. Whilst he remains to be the most successful North American player of the game in the last few decades, his charity work has begun to eclipse his playing career.

After founding the Andy Roddick Foundation in 2000, Andy retired from professional sport and now dedicates all his time to his charity, based in Austin, TX. Focusing on providing children with the opportunity to discover what they love to do, the Foundation provides high quality after-school and summer programs for children of all ages, with the aim of inspiring them to grow into happy, successful individuals.